DEFUMA has extensive experience in the following Industries:


General Manufacturing & Engineering

p_general01Dust, fumes and other gaseous contaminants can be extremely dangerous to both the health of your employees and your business. Exposure can lead to a wide variety of illness and poor health in the longer term, as well as significantly affect productivity and workforce performance.

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Agricultural Industy

The Agricultural industry has many requirements for vacuum cleaning, handling of hazardous gases and material extraction systems. Defuma has been equipping industries with extraction systems, for close to 40 years.  Our systems are a natural choice for material extraction in many industries.

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Automotive Industry

The standard of our passenger transportation vehicles has risen and continues to rise. Public transport should be quick and convenient and passengers expect clean trains and buses. Our modern cleaning technology can be used to make these clean environments. Vacuum cleaning floors and seats with a highly efficient suction system results in a much cleaner vehicle than with older technology. The vacuum system also takes care of collecting and transporting coarse waste. This leads to more efficient cleaning as every second of the cleaning time is valuable. Needless to say, ease of handling and good cleaning accessories play an important role.

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Aviation Industry

The aviation industry has many application areas where extraction and cleanliness is very important; foreign object damage control, composite fabrication, wood, powder coating and spray painting, etc. Defuma has standard or Atex components, many of them designed and engineered in our factory in Huntingdon. With a central vacuum system, the dust is removed from source and deposited into a container for easy waste disposal. Defuma has an extensive range of products, which provide reliable solutions with long and reliable product life.

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Ceramic Industry

The ceramic industry is a dust quandary, but it does not have to be. Defuma has been installing extraction systems into industry for almost 40 years, designing bespoke dust and material removal via ducting with the use of fans and filters. In keeping with increased demands for cleanliness and health, the demand for source extraction has been growing phenomenally. Defuma has the solutions to minimize airborne dust…

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Composite and Plastic Industries

Plastic, Carbon Fibre and Fibreglass amongst other composites are used in an increasing number of industries. Source extraction systems are designed and built out of standard or atex components, some of them engineered and manufactured in our factory based in Huntingdon. Extraction hoods are developed to fit the equipment where dust is created, like grinding and drilling machines, sanders and saws. With a central vacuum system, the dust is collected in a container for easy disposal.

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Food Processing

Anyone working in the food industry knows that the workplace must be safe, efficient and hygienic. For instance, flour dust and other powder ingredients are classed as a substance hazardous to health being the second highest asthma causing agent, a cause of short term respiratory, nasal and eye symptoms, and being potentially explosive.

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Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry

Working in a High hygiene room necessitates special equipment. Defuma has many years experience in designing and manufacturing central vacuum systems built to the high standards required in high hygiene room environments. Defuma offer a complete range of extraction and vacuum equipment which can easily be connected to a central vacuum system.

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Printing Industry

In the printing and postpress production industry, a large amount of dust and waste (IE: paper strips and liquids) are generated and this has to be removed to prevent loss of quality and to streamline production efficiency. Extraction hoods or trays are placed at each area where paper is cut or at ink trays are along with plug-in vacuum points. This enables the paper dust, strips and ink to be captured directly at the source of its production together with a convenient centralised vacuum system.

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Process and Manufacturing Industries

The Manufacturing and Process industries have many requirements for vacuum cleaning and extraction (fume, dust etc) from the point of production. Large amounts of dust, debris, metal or wood chips and strips can be produced and need to be removed. Some of these can be for profitable recycling. Defuma has been equipping industries with extraction systems for close to 40 years. The increase in production safety requirements for the effective extraction of materials has necessitated the use of properly designed machines. Defuma can provide industry with both stationary and mobile systems.

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Wood Industry

People who work in carpentry and other types of woodworking workshops, frequently have chronic nasal inflammations as they are exposed to high amounts of wood dust. By extracting the wood chips and dust at source, production quality and efficacy is improved, and the work is carried out in a clean, healthier and tidy environment.

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