Food Processing

The Issues

Anyone working in the food industry knows that the workplace must be safe, efficient and hygienic. For instance, flour dust and other powder ingredients are classed as a substance hazardous to health being the second highest asthma causing agent, a cause of short term respiratory, nasal and eye symptoms, and being potentially explosive.

Clearly, there are legal requirements that must be met as well to provide a safe and comfortable workplace environment.

The Solution – Custom installation or Ready-to-use

The multi-functional design of our dust and fume extraction equipment means that many products are directly suitable for use within the food processing industry. Where appropriate, products are ATEX approved. Alternatively, where required, we are usually able to modify a product to meet a specific application or design and install a custom solution.

For an interim solution or during equipment downtime, we offer a comprehensive hire service with complete support and expert advice. Click here for more details about our services.

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