6 Reasons to choose dust extractors

If there is a cause for concern in your working environment, you could benefit from one of the dust extraction systems that we provide here at Defuma, which could drastically enhance safety and reduce inefficiency.

Dust, dirt, debris and chemicals are all contaminants which can cause issues for your employees and equipment. Investing in dust extraction units will remove these contaminants and provide cleaner air.

Dust Extraction Air CubeHere’s why should choose dust extraction units:

  1. Protect the health and safety of employees

Lung problems and asthma are often the main health concerns associated with industrial environments where the air is filled with dust and other particles. Dust can also easily build-up on, or near, equipment. This not only poses a fire hazard but can result in health concerns for your workforce. A dust extractor can help to eliminate these problems.

  1. Increase the rate of productivity

If you’re looking to improve the comfort – and therefore the productivity – of your workforce, our dust extraction units are ideal.

Without one of our units, dust and particles can cause interference with mechanics and machinery is likely to perform slower. Our dust extraction systems can prevent machine-failure and reduce the need for expensive repairs.

To ensure that your workforce perform exceptionally, why not choose one of our air filtration systems today?

  1. Improve product quality

Manufacturing processes collect all kinds of contaminants. When dust seeps into products, air filtration systems can be activated to remove it – making sure that there is no compromise made to the quality of the air.

One of the main reasons why our air filtration systems are so popular is because they can prevent contamination and allow you to sustain the quality of your products and equipment.

  1. Comply with industry standards

With so many different laws and regulations in force within the workplace, extraction units can help you to create a cleaner environment.

Poor quality air can result in fines and cause harm for employees – hence why dust compliance is so important. Following safety regulations will ensure that everyone and everything, is kept safe.

  1. Boost the morale of your workforce

Making sure that the environment is safe for all of your employees should always be a key priority.

Working in poor conditions won’t encourage your workforce to perform. It is essential that air is kept clean and healthy in order to maintain the morale of your employees. As well as this, wood dust extraction will enhance productivity and safeguard against accidents and injuries.

  1. Low operating costs

Here at Defuma, we provide equipment for wood dust extraction that will provide countless benefits for your business and have a positive impact on the way that your industry operates. We supply extraction and filtration systems that can largely reduce the cost of maintenance, prolonging the life of your equipment and reducing the need to repair.

We can also help to reduce your energy costs and recirculate clean air within your working environment.

Find out how you could benefit from our dust extractors and filtration systems today by calling us on 01480 455466.

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