Benefits of Dust Extractor Hire

If your company is undertaking work that involves the production of dust or fumes, it is vital that you take all necessary steps to protect the health of your employees.

Failure to implement effective safety measures may result in members of your workforce developing serious lung conditions including COPD, silicosis and other life-limiting illnesses.

Defuma is a leading supplier of air filtration and dust extraction systems, offering a wide range of dust, fume and vapour elimination solutions for the workplace. Many of the products we offer are available to either purchase, hire or lease.

Dusty High Vacuum Smoke Extraction Filter Unit

So, why would you hire or lease an extraction or filtration system? In this article, the Defuma team explains.

Ideal for Short-Term Projects

Hiring equipment will save you the expense and hassle of purchasing a product that you’ll only need for a few weeks or months.

If you take full ownership of a dust extraction system – for example – but you only need it for a single project, you’re left with the task of selling it on, disposing of it or storing it once that project comes to an end.

If you decide to retain it just in case it is required for future ventures, you’ll also need to make sure it is fully maintained and in working order for health and safety reasons.

Hiring equipment, therefore, is much more practical – as you’ll simply be able to hand it back when you are finished with it. Plus, if you ever need it again, you can simply re-hire it.

Try Products Before Making a Commitment

If you’re setting up new premises or branching out into practices that involve the production of fumes or dust for the first time, you may not be totally sure of the exact extraction system you’ll need from the off.

Hiring equipment will allow you to test out various options over a certain period to see which works best for your particular undertakings, instead of taking the plunge and immediately investing in a product that may turn out to be a poor fit.

Relief From Capital Expenditure

If you hire a dust or fume extraction system, you can spread its cost over a period of time, significantly reducing your company’s capital expenditure and helping to balance your budget.

Leasing is also a great idea – as this approach also allows you to pay in monthly installments, until you have effectively “paid off” the cost of the equipment and it becomes yours.

A Wide Variety, Quickly Dispatched

When you opt for equipment hire with Defuma, you’ll be able to choose from numerous high quality options and enjoy a quick turnover time, which means you’ll soon be set up and ready to go with minimal downtime.

Set-up and Training Included

Once you’ve hired a Defuma product, you won’t be left to your own devices to work out how to install and operate it. We’ll deliver your equipment and provide all of the guidance and training you need to get started and ensure it works efficiently at all times.

To find out more about dust extractor hire with Defuma, simply contact our team today.

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