Defuma’s Welding Fume Extractors

So, you’re looking to create a comfortable working environment for your staff?  A welding fume extractor from Defuma will ensure health and safety standards are met.

Fume extractors are a must-have for welding industries. They not only protect against harmful emissions but preserve health and reduce contamination, allowing your staff to work safely and efficiently.

Here at Defuma, we have a wide range of fume extractors available for you to choose from. We supply:

Fume Eliminator – a portable, user-friendly welding fume extractor

If you’re looking for a welding fume extractor that’s easy to use, choose the Fume Eliminator. It’s one of the most user-friendly units we supply and can easily be carried to the area it’s needed in.

Unlike other extractors, this connects to a welding torch or extraction nozzle to remove fumes as soon as the welding process starts. We recommend the Fume Eliminator for locations which are difficult to reach with large filters (i.e. small welding booths).

Smart Mastera basic welding fume extractor for sporadic use

When it comes to removing small amounts of welding fumes, the Smart Master is ideal. It’s W3/IFA certified and is suitable for welding high alloy steels.

The Smart Master uses filter monitoring and has a rotating/swivelling exhaust hood which increases safety.

ProfiMastera robust welding fume extractor which uses one exhaust arm

For industries expecting to produce low to moderate levels of weld fumes, consider the ProfiMaster. This extractor is great for both frequent and occasional welding activities. Welding fume extraction needn’t be difficult with the ProfiMaster as there are fewer adjustments needed for welding processes.

Not only is it easy to operate, you can also open the maintenance door and change the filter to ensure it maintains optimum performance.

MaxiFil Cleana welding fume extractor with a high filter capacity

Often used to remove high levels of welding smoke and fumes, the MaxiFil Clean extractor is a favourite for many welding companies. Its popularity stems from incorporating so many useful features, such as automatic dust removal, a self-cleaning filter and a long-lasting high capacity filter.

If you’re looking for an economical solution for regular welding fume extraction, our MaxiFil Clean unit is ideal.

FilterBox 10Ma manual welding fume extractor used for light-medium applications

The FilterBox 10M provides mechanical or compressed cleaning for fumes and dust.

It’s another user-friendly unit which can be adjusted to suit your exact requirements. Here at Defuma, the manual extractor is available on wheels or floor standing  and HEPA filters can be used to provide extra protection against harmful particles.

Please note: the FilterBox extractors are not suitable for environments where combustible dust and gases are present.

FilterBox 10Aan automatic welding fume extractor for light-medium applications

Where the FilterBox 10M requires manual cleaning, the 10A has an advanced filter control system which automatically cleans when the airflow is too low – making it more convenient.

This welding fume extractor also helps to keep noise disturbance to a minimum with its integrated silencer.

FilterBox 12 eQan automatic welding fume extractor for heavier applications

For applications where high levels of welded fumes need to be extracted, we supply the FilterBox 12 eQ, which you can easily wheel to wherever it is needed.

A special feature of the FilterBox 12 eQ is that there is a spotlight and fan switch on the extraction hood, allowing you to control welding fumes.

Need to know more about our welding fume extractors? Call us on 01480 455 466 and our team will be more than willing to help.

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