Features of dust extractor systems

There are a wide range of Dust extraction systems on the market.  But how do you know which one is right for you?

Here at Defuma, all our extraction systems are designed to remove dust, fumes and smoke particles.

Dust Extraction Cleantec CT26 Autoclean Hi Vac Extractor

A dust extraction unit can easily remove dust and other contaminants, cleaning the air that you breathe in. But did you know that a dust extractor can also improve the performance of your machines?

If you’re looking to prolong the working life of machines and to ensure protective equipment works efficiently, why not consider one of the machines that we supply at Defuma?

To make sure you get the most out of your extractor we also offer a number of other features. These include:

Various sizes

We supply dust extraction systems in a wide range of sizes to suit all industrial requirements.

If you can afford to empty the extractor every day, you could benefit from one of our smaller capacity units. Smaller units are more affordable than the larger ones but these don’t need to be emptied as often.

Portable units

We supply portable units which are lightweight yet effective. They are easy to manoeuvre around obstacles within your workshop making it simpler for you to reach areas that previously proved difficult.

Wet and dry applications

Some extractors are suitable for wet and dry applications, which is a great feature if you’re collecting and handling dust and want to remain compliant with safety regulations.

Our systems are suitable for many different applications and environments, some offering constant suction power and others providing a 26 Litre capacity.


Autocleaning is great feature.

It prevents dust from escaping back into the air – so you can sustain a clean, safe working environment. An example of one of the systems that has the autocleaning feature is the Cleantec CT26 Autoclean Hi Vac.


Some of our dust extraction units have Hepa filters.

A Hepa filter can trap 99.995% of dust particles larger than 0.3 Microns – allowing for a cleaner workshop. Extraction units that feature Hepa filters include the HZ750-2 – a high vacuum haz-dust unit.

The HZ750 is engineered to be easy to use and maintain. It’s also tested to IEC 60 335-2-69 and designed to suit almost all situations. To remove dust quickly and safely, the haz-dust unit uses Hepa-flo dust bags.

Too much choice? Let Defuma help. Our team of experts have a wealth of experience and – no matter the industry – can guide you in making the right choice. Call us on 01480 455 466 to find out more.

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