How do dust extractors work?

Dust extractor systems are suitable for various industrial environments, and here at Defuma, we provide the most powerful machines on the market.

To choose the right dust extractor for you, it’s important to understand what they do and how they work. Let us help…

Dusty High Vacuum Smoke Extraction Filter Unit

What do dust extractors do?

A dust extractor helps to prolong machine life, removing wood dust and shavings to prevent premature wear and tear. Our dust extraction systems are designed to stop particles being forced back into the cutting area where they will affect the performance of your machines.

Having a dust extractor will ensure PPE efficiency, improving the productivity and safety of your workforce.

How do dust extractors work?

Dust extraction units are designed to effectively handle and collect high volumes of dust and impurities. They also enhance the quality of air in industrial and commercial environments.

Here’s how they work:

  1. Dust extractors have ducting which is connected to an inlet.
  2. Dirty air on the inside of the unit is filtered.
  3. A blower system creates the airflow through the ducting.
  4. The filter is cleaned effectively using a filter cleaning system.
  5. Dust particles are captured by a discharge mechanism.

All dust extraction systems work:

  • Quickly

A dust extractor will remove particles, such as dust, air and smoke quickly – making no compromise to work efficiency.

  • Efficiently

Some of our systems are designed to operate automatically, extracting contaminants whilst your workforce work, whilst others are manually switched on and off.

  • Safely

Our dust extractors can help you to extract dust safely. They are all built to industry standard and meet health and safety standards.

  • Reliably

Our free-hanging air filtration units, manual dust extraction units and flexible extraction arms are dependable. They ensure dust particles are extracted – even from previously ‘unreachable’ areas.

Find out more about how our dust extraction systems work today by calling the Defuma experts on 01480 455 466. We will be more than happy to guide you in making the right decision when choosing an extractor for your business.

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