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Here at Defuma, we are constantly striving to achieve. When it comes to finding the best solution for maintaining standards within the working environment, you cannot go wrong with the Dust Extraction Systems that we supply. We provide Dust Extraction Systems for all fume related hazards to ensure that the working conditions are appropriate.

What do we do at Defuma?

At Defuma, we design, manufacture and install Dust Extraction Systems that are tailored towards your specific needs and wants. We also make sure that work is carried out at the highest standard possible by one of our qualified professionals.

When fulfilling health and safety requirements, we work closely with individuals, paying careful attention to detail and considering every aspect of the project.

If you’re not entirely sure which Dust Extraction Units or Air Filtration Systems suit your needs best, you’re in capable hands with us and we can provide you with a suitable system that will remove dust particles that can pose a serious health risk.

Dust Extraction Units from Defuma

Any dust particles that aren’t removed from the atmosphere can be hazardous. The main reason why we supply Dust Extraction Units is to eliminate dangers to health, making it easier for you to control your environment.

Our Dust Extraction Systems are specifically designed to improve the air quality within a working environment or an area that is susceptible to dust. In selecting one of our extraction systems, there’s no reason to say why you cannot keep areas clean and free from dust.

You’ll notice that we supply a wide variety of Dust Extraction Units to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for an extraction unit that allows for easy mobility in areas of limited space, you’re bound to benefit from the Dust Extraction Systems and Arms that we provide.

Dealing with Wood Dust

When it comes to Wood Dust Extraction, our systems provide reliability, removing dust effectively. The systems for Wood Dust Extraction allow you to remove, store and control wood dust.

Wood dust needs to be extracted as it can provide dangerous consequences. There are several health problems that are linked closely to wood dust exposure, hence why we offer systems for Wood Dust Extraction.

Asthma is often the main health concern when wood dust isn’t removed, however, it can lead to cancer in some cases which in essence makes it extremely dangerous. In addition to this, it can result in skin conditions and increase the risk of fire and explosion.

Air Filtration Systems from Defuma

Filtration Systems are also available to purchase, here at Defuma. The Air Filtration Systems are designed to offer high performance and high efficiency, providing you with ample opportunity to improve air quality.

Choosing one of our Air Filtration Systems will enable you to filter the particles in the air to create an environment that is safe to work in. They can be used industrially and commercially to remove impurities; so if you’re looking for high-quality Air Filtration Systems, look no further than Defuma.

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