Protecting your employees from welding fumes

Welding is commonplace across many industries but the fumes produced can be hazardous to health. Are your workers protected against weld fumes? Read on to find out what you should be doing to protect your employees.

Welding fumes – the dangers

Fumes containing airborne gases and fine particles are produced during welding. When these are inhaled they can cause all kinds of problems for your employees, making welding fume extraction extremely important.

Large Welding Smoke Exhaust Fan

The level of risk from these fumes depends on:

  1. Toxicity of fumes
  2. Concentration of fumes
  3. How long fumes are inhaled

Welding fumes are carcinogens – meaning long term exposure can result in cancer. Parkinson’s disease, emphysema, and lead poisoning are all common complications caused by too much exposure, as are respiratory problems, such as asthma, lung infections, metal fume fever, and reduced lung function.

Weld fumes can also cause eye, nose and throat irritation, dizziness, nausea, stomach ulcers, kidney damage, and nervous system damage.

How to protect welders?

When it comes to protecting welders in workshops, laboratories or educational facilities, Defuma can help. We supply an extensive range of weld fume extractors but it’s essential that your employers also protect themselves by:

  • Wearing a respirator (with good filtration)
  • Positioning face as far away from fumes as possible
  • Using ventilated systems
  • Removing coatings and paint prior to welding (when possible)

A welding fume extractor will reduce the amount of fumes at the source, so you can maintain a clean working environment. You will need to have equipment tested every 14 months to ensure it operates properly.

We provide a range of weld fume extraction filtration systems, including the Filter Master XL filter unit. A portable welding fume extractor that’s ideal for high alloy steel welding applications. The Filter Master XL filter unit operates efficiently, using a timed, automatic cleaning system and has a KemTex® ePTFE filter cartridge which separates particles below 0.1 µm to guarantee optimum working conditions.

The ProfiMaster welding extraction unit is another welding fume extractor, manufactured to be robust. With a high capacity filter, rotating and swiveling hood, the welding smoke extraction unit uses a 360° radius to remove fumes. Our welding smoke filter unit can be used frequently or occasionally, requiring only a few adjustments during welding.

If you’re looking to extract high levels of welded fumes, smoke, and dust, the welding smoke exhaust fan L is a must-have! The mobile unit is like no other – operating extremely quietly, it causes minimal disruption to your workforce. In addition to this, the exhaust fan has a blower that is suitable for both ventilation and extraction.

Get in touch

The Defuma experts are always on hand to help, so if you’re looking for ways to protect your employees from weld fumes, rest assured you’re in capable hands.

We will make sure you find the most practical, cost effective solution for extracting welded fumes – taking into consideration recommendations from HSE and the requirements of your industry.

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