Purchasing a welding fume extractor

Welding fumes can cause serious health complications for welders – such as pneumonia, asthma, cancer and metal fume fever – making it essential that you invest in a good quality welding fume extractor from a reputable company, like us at Defuma.

A welding fume extraction unit will help to establish a clean, healthy working environment – giving your business a competitive edge over others and allowing you to recruit and retain skilled welders. But you need to consider a range of factors to ensure you purchase the right equipment for your business.

ProfiMaster Welding Smoke Filter Unit in Warehouse

  1. Type of fume extraction system

With so many options to choose from, selecting a welding fume extractor can sometimes be easier said than done. A great place to start is to think about what type of welding fume extractor best suits your business.

Here at Defuma, we design, fabricate and install a range of systems, including:

  • multi-extraction arms
  • dedicated fan and arm systems
  • fume enclosures
  • down-draught benches
  • free-hanging systems
  • Hi-Vacuum on-tool extraction
  • laboratory and dip tank extraction

We also create bespoke systems, so if you can’t find the welding fume extractor you need, get in touch with us and we’ll design the unit to match your exact specifications.

  1. Filters

The filter is crucial in any welding fume extractor and can affect the size of the particles it captures.

Welding fume extractors, like the Filter-Master XL fume extraction filter unit, feature a timed, automatic filter cleaning system and KemTex® ePTFE membrane filter cartridge that can separate particles below 0.1 µm. The SmartMaster extraction filter unit, on the other hand, is designed for occasional use and comes with a disposable filter. The filter can be discarded when it reaches its capacity – providing a cost-effective solution for removing welding fumes.

  1. Airflow

Another important factor to consider for welding fume extraction is how much air the system can circulate. A system with efficient airflow and a correctly positioned hood will allow for a clean, safe working environment. The suction arm, hood, blower, cabinet design and filter can all impact on a system’s airflow. Bends in the suction arm and a poorly-constructed cabinet can reduce airflow to the filter.

  1. Installation

After deciding which system you need to extract welded fumes, you then need to think about installation. The Defuma experts can schedule installation around what works best for you – guaranteeing minimal disruption. We make sure that all systems are fully tested and commissioned before they are professionally installed to make sure that they meet both your specifications and legal requirements.

Other considerations:

If your budget won’t stretch to buying a welded fume extractor outright, how about hiring?  With Defuma you can hire or lease all the equipment you need. Hire the latest machines for situations where you only need a temporary solution or lease one and pay in monthly instalments until it becomes your own.

We take care of everything from design, installation, service and maintenance – right through to delivery, set-up and training – making welding fume extraction safe, convenient and cost-effective.

If you’d like to know more about purchasing, or hiring, a welding fume extractor, don’t hesitate to call 01480 455 466 or send an email to enquiries@defuma.co.uk.

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