Selecting the right dust extraction system

Dust extraction systems come in useful for commercial and residential applications and we supply them in several styles and variations here at Defuma. So, if you’re looking to keep your working environment clean and tidy, you needn’t look any further than our range of dust extraction systems.

It’s important that you research the different methods for dust extraction to ensure that you choose the right system. You will need to think about the type and amount of dust that you generate. Choosing the wrong system for your industrial environment can cause adverse effects on health – including breathing related problems such as asthma.

There are several factors to be mindful of when choosing systems for wood dust extraction – including the following:


When it comes to wood dust extraction, you need to think about it from a health and safety perspective. If you work in an environment that generates dust in large quantities, wood dust extraction is essential as it removes the dust particles to create a safer, cleaner environment.

Our extraction arms are fully customisable to your working environment – they are easy to position where they are needed and can be later moved, allowing you to remove dust effectively and maintain a safe working environment.

Speed and time

Some of the systems that we provide at Defuma can be easily adjusted to suit your exact specification and can provide various operating speeds.

Our dust extraction units operate effectively and aren’t necessarily needed 24/7- take evenings for instance, when workshops aren’t in use. The systems that we provide can be turned off when they aren’t required, allowing you to reduce your energy costs.

Fixed or portable

Our units are renowned for high performance and efficiency and have been purposely built to improve the quality of air. We provide fixed and portable units to suit the requirements of all industrial environments – so you needn’t worry about finding exactly what you need.

Although the fixed dust extraction units are most common, here at Defuma, we have a selection of small, lightweight machines that are portable, allowing you to reach difficult areas and filter air quickly.

Air filtration

Air filtration systems are used industrially to suit various applications. Once woodwork is completed the filtration systems can remove the dust that’s generated – instantly improving the working conditions.

Our air filtration systems also circulate air effectively to ensure that the air that employees breathe in is clean.


One of the most important factors to remember when choosing filtration and extraction units, is affordability. Before you purchase one of our systems, you need to think about the cost of maintenance and repairs – making sure that they suit your budget requirements.

Our range of air filtration systems are extremely affordable but we suggest maintaining the units that we supply to prevent the need for repairs and replacements.

Our team of technical experts can assist you in selecting the best dust extraction system for you and your industry. To find out more, call us on 01480 455466 today.

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