Top 5 benefits of dust extraction units for businesses

At Defuma, we offer a complete service – providing you with a bespoke solution for addressing dust problems. We aim to deliver a cost-effective solution for all clients and can help you to choose the most suitable products for your needs.

Our dust extraction systems can enhance safety and increase efficiency in almost any working environment.

There are many ways that dust extractors from Defuma can benefit you – and your bottom line profits. The dust extraction systems that we supply are great for improving performance within your business, increasing productivity and profitability.

They are used to comply with environmental standards to ensure that working conditions are suitable. We provide units that enhance the safety and comfort of workers – protecting them against the risk of fire and explosion.

Some of the industries that can benefit from dust extraction systems include:

  • Chemical processing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food / Agriculture
  • Metal / Woodwork

A dust extractor will remove dirt, dust, debris, gases and chemicals effectively to make sure that the air employees breathe in isn’t compromised.

Here we explain the top 5 benefits associated with dust extraction units:

  1. Improve health and safety

Air that is filled with contaminants can jeopardise the lungs and when contaminants build-up on or near equipment, they pose the risk of fire hazards.

All dust extraction units that we supply at Defuma remove contaminants from the air – cleaning it to improve the safety of your workforce.

  1. Improve product quality

Dust particles can collect on equipment throughout the manufacturing process. In some industries, wood dust can seep into products and contaminate them.

Our systems for wood dust extraction don’t only improve the quality of finishing products but promote customer satisfaction too.

  1. Increase productivity

When wood dust isn’t removed from the air, it can interfere with mechanics – causing machines to operate slow.

We supply wood dust extraction to eliminate damage to equipment and prevent the need for constant attention and repairs – saving you a great deal of time and money.

  1. Comply with regulations

There are many different rules and regulations currently in place – linking to air quality and the environment.

When air quality is poor and doesn’t comply with legal standards, it can affect the health of those within the working environment and leads to expensive fines. Here at Defuma, we can help you to meet stringent regulations by keeping everyone and everything safe – why not consider air filtrations systems?

  1. Boost morale

The air filtration systems that we provide are ideal for industrial environments that produce dust and various other contaminants. Investing in one of our filtration systems will ensure that the air is clean and safe.

When the conditions are safe to work, the productivity rate is increased and we can help you to retain a happy workforce.

If you need to know more about extraction systems, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Defuma experts – we are always on hand to help and offer guidance. Call us on 01480455466 today.

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