Why should you use a welding fume extractor?

Welding produces countless dust particles and fumes which are toxic or harmful for human health when they aren’t extracted correctly. Making sure you have the right equipment to safely remove them from your working environment is essential – and Defuma can help to make sure you get it right.

Filter-Master XL Fume Extraction Filter Unit

 Welding – the problems

Welding is employed in numerous industries and produces more than 50 chemical compounds. Welding fumes are a dangerous concoction of gases and particles that can cause serious problems for the respiratory system – including permanent damage to the lungs.

Although welding fumes alone pose serious health problems, hazardous gases also add to the dangers. Breathing in carbon monoxide and other welded fumes can cause suffocation, injure the respiratory tract and increase the risk of cancer.

There are two fraction ranges of weld fumes:

  • Inhalable fraction
  • Respirable or Alveolar fraction

The inhalable fraction particles are breathed in through the nose and mouth. Also inhaled through the nose and mouth, the respirable fraction includes fine or ultra-fine dust particles, due to their size, they can travel to the smallest branches of the lungs and alveoli and therefore trigger illnesses such as lung cancer.

Why use a welding fume extractor

A welding fume extractor is a purification device, designed for industrial welding of soot and other lightweight particles. It’s light, flexible and easy to operate, and can be used for a wide range of applications, including chemical, clean room, electronic, food processing, glass, hospital, metal processing, and pharmaceutical.

Benefits of welding fume extractors:

  • remove harmful gases and elements at the source
  • improve air quality
  • fewer absences in the workplace caused by poor health
  • more motivated/productive workforce (creates a healthy working environment)

Welding fume extractors – available solutions

All our extraction units are designed to weld fumes effectively – removing dangerous fumes before workers come into direct exposure.

We supply fixed systems, like the DFT electrostatic air filtration series, that are complete with extraction arms, hoods, filters or extraction benches. They collect fumes in the hood and convey them to a chute before filtering and recirculating air into the building.

Our portable systems are assembled on wheels and offer a flexible solution for welding fume extraction. The Filter Master XL fume extraction unit is designed for light and infrequent applications – guaranteeing high performance and safe welding operations.

These are just some of the extraction solutions available, we have many more available, take a look at our other weld fume filtration systems here.

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