Hiring Fume & Dust Extraction Equipment

Cloud of Vapour fumes

Hiring Fume & Dust Extraction Equipment

What are Fume & Dust Extraction Equipment Used For?

There are many environmental applications for fume and dust extraction equipment. Manufacturing industries of all types are required to safely remove the unwanted by-products of manufacturing processes be they in the form of dust or noxious gases. The food industry generates hazardous fumes and gases which could lead to cross-contamination if not properly controlled. The chemical and pharmaceutical industries both need to properly extract and dispose of hazardous waste, not only to ensure product quality but also to adhere to health and safety regulations regarding the quality of air in the working environment.

Many companies have opted to hire fume & dust extraction equipment due to the ongoing maintenance and servicing the equipment requires to maintain optimal service performance levels.

Five Reasons to Hire Fume & Dust Extraction Equipment from Defuma

Whether one intends to hire fume extraction equipment or hire dust extraction equipment, it essential that you find a service partner that will properly maintain the system. Hiring your extraction equipment from Defuma ensures you are working with a highly experienced team of specialists that have been in the industry for almost 40 years.

Why Hire from Defuma?

  1. We design a system for your specific requirements from the ground up by working closely with our team of designers, specialist consultant & project engineers, maintenance and installation technicians.
  2. We offer free no obligation site visits to fully understand the nature of your extraction issues and to properly develop a bespoke extraction system.
  3. Defuma has worked with many of the major industries providing solutions to a myriad of extraction problems. Areas include the Motorsport industry where, in one case study, contaminants derived from metal fabrications and composite production needed to be controlled in temporary premises while new premises were being prepared. The temporary extraction system worked perfectly until the main system in the new premises was ready. Our professionally designed and installed systems are highly respected throughout the industry.
  4. Our main directors are both technical engineers with decades of experience between them. This ensures that our design and production emphasis is on quality, performance and reliability, rather than on purely sales figures and bottom lines.
  5. The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations 1988 No. 1657 Section 9, stipulates that all equipment used in the extraction of hazardous material, must be maintained regularly and tested at least every 14 months. Defuma has a specialist team of qualified engineers trained to carry out these inspections.

Services Defuma Offer

We offer a design and consultancy service for any size of system. We also provide professional installation and have a dedicated team of service and maintenance technicians. We offer COSHH & LEV inspections for systems supplied by us and for third party supplied equipment. We maintain a well-stocked spares & accessories supply department with equipment parts and personal protective wear.

Is it Easy to Hire Fume Extraction Equipment?

To hire dust extraction equipment or fume extraction equipment feel free to contact us for a quote. You have the choice to hire, lease and or buy. Those who hire dust extraction equipment often do so for temporary solutions such as the construction environment where a building project is heading towards an end. Please contact our sales team for sales inquiries.

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