Prodrive Motorsport

 Prodrive Motorsport

Prodrive is a world leading Motorsport and technology business operating in the motorsport, automative, aerospace, defence, and marine sectors. To cope with the increase in turnover and to improve production methods it became necessary to relocate into larger bespoke premises whilst maintaining maximum production levels during the transition period. Defuma was allotted the daunting task of providing temporary extraction facilities in the form of mobile solutions to cope with the many and varied contaminants associated with metal fabrications and composite production, whilst designing fabricating and installing extraction solutions into the areas within the new premises.

The Solution

Defuma’s solution was to supply mobile filtration units that could be adapted on site to accommodate the many different dusts and fumes so providing the flexibility necessary to continue functionality across the various production disciplines. At the same time Defuma designed numerous extraction systems to cope with Mild Steel and Aluminium Welding Fumes and Grinding Dust as well as Chemical Fumes and Heat Removal. Defuma took a methodical approach to ensure every area was completed in time for each Plant move to ensure there was no loss of production. To provide the facility for 24hr uninterupted production systems where designed to run continuously with minimum input from the operatives. The reasoned approach to the transition and fully automated approach has resulted in Prodrive remaining in full production in the new premises with minimum disruption and greatly improved production.

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