Dusts are tiny solid particles scattered or suspended in the air. Dust, fumes and other gaseous contaminants can be extremely dangerous to both the health of your employees and your business. Exposure can lead to a wide variety of illness and poor health in the longer term. Our extensive range of dust extractors means that it’s easier to keep this menace under control.

We offer a wide variety of extraction systems tailored to your individual needs.

Dust Contaminants 

Dust Extraction Products



Fumes can be described as a gas or vapour that smells strongly or is dangerous to inhale. Fumes are given off by a substance as a result of a chemical transformation such as reaction, heating, explosion or detonation. For example, the fumes given off by welding and hot cutting processes is a varying mixture of airborne gases and very fine particles which if inhaled can cause ill health

Fume Contaminants

Fume Extraction Products



Oil mist may form when high pressure oils such as fuel oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, or other types of oils are sprayed through a narrow crack, or when leaked oil connects with a high temperature surface, vaporizes and comes into contact with low air temperature. Metal cutting or grinding fluids are of three basic types: straight oil (insoluble), oil-in-water emulsions (soluble) and synthetic or semi-synthetic. All contain a variety of additives to improve performance.

Oilmist Contaminants

Oilmist Extraction Products

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