Timsons Ltd

Timsons Ltd

Timsons Ltd, based in Kettering, Northants manufacture printing presses for the production of books. Their machines are used world-wide and products range from Bibles to Dictionaries to Novels and text-books.

In 2002 Timsons identified an opportunity to improve the appearance and quality of their presses whilst at the same time reducing the time spent in manufacture.

A new metal finishing section was established to provide a deburning and chemical blacking facility. In order to maintain a suitable working atmosphere an extraction system was required to remove particulates from the air and recycle the air back into the workshop.

Defuma were invited to propose a system. The solution was implemented in short time and met the specification completely with the exception of exhaust noise. Defuma recommended fitting a silencer which was brought to site and installed overnight. A very satisfactory response.

Today, the workshop atmosphere is perfectly satisfactory and the Defuma equipment has helped to solve a potentially difficult situation.

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